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Flooring Gold Coast – Benefits of Gold Coast Flooring

Are you currently looking to purchase a Gold Coast home that is a fixer-upper? Or are you planning on remodeling your current Gold Coast house? Perhaps you are thinking of constructing your Gold Coast dream house from scratch. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are already know that you must take a number of critical home improvement elements into consideration. These include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

The structure of the premises
The condition of the roof
The flooring – Your flooring Gold Coast needs
Cosmetic elements such as the paint on the walls
All of the above is equally important ingredients for an exceptional Gold Coast home; however this article will examine your flooring Gold Coast options.

Types of flooring Gold Coast

There are a number of flooring Gold Coast options that you can utilize to transform the current flooring (or lack thereof) in your home from unsightly to impressive. Here is a list of some of your flooring Gold Coast solutions.

Flooring Gold Coast Solution One – Pre-finished flooring

This can be done in 2 ways:
First you can glue down the tongue and lay the timber on an underlay which is on concrete. This technique makes a drum-like sound when you walk on it.
The second option is to glue the board directly to the floor. Both options are great flooring Gold Coast solutions for your home. This technique; however, will make a more solid sound whenever it is walked on.

In the second option the timber that is used for direct stick method is known as an “overlay”. An overlay is generally 10, 13 or 13 mill thick; which is glued directly onto the concrete. The timber for the first option is typically 19 mill thick; the installation company will lay the timber onto the ply wood or chip board by using secret nailing technique or top nailing. The secret nailing technique is done by placing the nails in the side of the board and then into the ply. Using this technique hides the nails so that it is hidden.

Flooring Gold Coast Solution Two – Board Replacement

If your home currently has existing flooring that is in good shape then consider board replacement instead of the installation of all new flooring. For instance if you have boards that have been damaged by water, then instead of replacing the entire flooring system, you simply replace the damaged boards.

We will also supply and install the ply or chip board onto the concrete as a cub floor for a timber floor that will be laid onto it.

Additional flooring Gold Coast solutions that we are able to provide will include:

The supply and installation of bamboo flooring
The supply and installation of cork tiles
The supply and installation of laminate flooring
The supply and installation of parquetry flooring

The main benefit of utilizing any of the above mentioned flooring Gold Coast solutions will significantly add value to your property. Not to mention that you will be left with gorgeous floors that will last a long time.