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After Floor Sander Gold Coast Finishes

After Floor Sander Gold Coast finishes their job, your wooden floors will look beautifully polished and gorgeous. You will simply love the big difference in how your home will feel and look like.

Once your wooden floors are restored, you will of course want them to look the way they do for a long time. Timber Floors Gold Coast will have given your floors utmost protection; they will also teach you how to give your floors the right after-sanding care so that your wooden floors continue to look great for a long time to come.

It is always good to remember that although walking on your floors and moving the furniture back is all right after a couple of days, the floors will require a couple of weeks for the finish to cure a hundred percent. Before then, do not drag things across the floors; lay them down gently. Do not wash or clean the floors during this time. Allow sufficient time for the finish to fully set.

Make sure that the legs of furniture do not dent or scratch your floors. Attach cork tiles or inexpensive felt, patterned and cut to fit just right, to the bottoms for protection. Steer clear of plastic-wheeled furniture with the tendency for scratching and marring floors.

Do not get the floors wet. Of course, life happens; there will always be spills or messes you cannot avoid. The important thing is to deal with them right away. Mop and clean up as soon as possible. Do not use rugs in areas likely to get wet; they are likely to soak up water without your notice and compromise the beauty and durability of your floors.

Floor Sander Gold Coast will tell you that wooden floors and moisture are not compatible. The former causes wooden floors to lose their sheen and beauty – and to rot, if left unattended. See to it that your home is well-ventilated. Timber Floors Gold Coast will use protective varnishes to safeguard your floors but you will have to do your part to deal with unusual moisture issues.

Grit and grime tend to scratch and wear off your wooden floors. Avoid this by placing mats strategically on all your exterior doors to lessen the filth that may be brought from the outside. It is useful to use stylish hall runners or small pretty rugs to collect the dirt which may scratch your floor. However, stay away from rubber-backed mats; they tend to seal in moisture that may harm your floors.

Use an electro-static mop or a broom with soft bristles to sweep the floors. Clean regularly, especially areas where foot traffic is heavy. Make sure that you also keep the outside of your home clean to lessen the dirt that makes its way inside. Keep your patio, entryways and garage clean.

Wood floors are subject to lighten or change in color over time. You can minimize this by giving your floors ample protection. Use blinds or curtains to lessen the effects of direct sunlight.

High heels and stiletto shoes are likely to result in scratches or dents on the floors’ surfaces. The best recourse is to request your guests to remove their footwear, making sure to offer them comfortable slippers that they can use inside your home.

Your beloved pets’ claws or long nails can damage your floors, scratching or dulling the floor finish. Groom your pets regularly, trimming their nails so that they remain blunt and unlikely to mar the beauty of your floors.

There is nothing like fine finished floors to give your home a genteel, refined, and luxurious look. Look for a full-service sanding company that has established a firm reputation in the industry for top-quality work. For the finest Floor Sander Gold Coast services, log on to and find out how you can achieve and maintain such a look for your home.