Gold Coast Timber Decking Service

Deck -sikkens-light oak Whether you are interested in bringing life to your current timber decking Gold Coast or you are simply curious about what the process of doing so involves, you have come to the right place.

The first thing that you need to understand about timber decking is that it is a long term investment. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that you take the time each month to care for and maintain your investment so that it will also be at its optimum level for you to enjoy, appreciate and make the most of.

It is always a good idea to speak with the installer of your timber decking about how the maintenance procedure works for your floor finish of choice. However, in this article, we also provide you with several tips that you can employ on your own to ensure that your timber decking is always looking its very best. Without further ado, let us get started. Here we go:

First, if you have recently applied a coat of varnish onto your timber decking, wait at least 48 hours prior to laying down furniture on the area. Secondly, purchase protective pads to attach to your furniture legs so that they do not leave any marks on the floor.

For the ladies, it is best to remove your high heeled shoes before stepping on the timber decking as there is a chance that damage will occur from the sharp points on the footwear. Pets with nails or claws that have yet to be clipped are also best kept at a distance from the timber decking.

With regard to cleaning, keep in mind that the cleaner you keep your timber decking, the more outstanding it will look. Surface dirt and grit should be removed by vacuuming the decking on a regular basis. If there is dirt that is particularly stubborn, you may use a damp mop on the area. In addition, purchase a floor cleaner that is pH neutral so as not to wreak damage to the timber decking. Do not experiment with any other type of household products as these may cause the floor to become hazardously slippery, and moreover, scratch the surface of the timber decking which will likely be irrevocable damage.

If any type of liquid spills on your timber decking, wipe it off as soon as possible. Use a dry, soft cloth or a clean paper towel.

When it comes to Gold Coast timber decking services, there is no better company out there that you can trust to do a stellar job on your timber decking apart from the one and only Gold Coast Floor Sanding.

At Gold Coast Floor Sanding, the team understands outdoor decking through and through. While the company does not install timber decking, they do engage in re-sanding and polishing the aforementioned and they do a great job at it.

One mistake that many companies often make is outdoor decking installations that utilize screws instead of nails. And while the nails can be punched down, it is essential that the screws are at least three millimeters deep. Otherwise, they will puncture the sandpaper, tear it, and leave lines all over the floor, which is of course a situation that you do not want to find yourself in.

Finally, did you know that when there is a railing present on your timber decking, it needs to be at least 70mm off of the ground so that the edging machine can get under it to be sanded. These are some very important facts that you need to know. For more information, pay a visit to today.

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