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Gold Coast Timber Decking Service

Deck -sikkens-light oak Whether you are interested in bringing life to your current timber decking Gold Coast or you are simply curious about what the process of doing so involves, you have come to the right place.

The first thing that you need to understand about timber decking is that it is a long term investment. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that you take the time each month to care for and maintain your investment so that it will also be at its optimum level for you to enjoy, appreciate and make the most of.

It is always a good idea to speak with the installer of your timber decking about how the maintenance procedure works for your floor finish of choice. However, in this article, we also provide you with several tips that you can employ on your own to ensure that your timber decking is always looking its very best. Without further ado, let us get started. Here we go:

First, if you have recently applied a coat of varnish onto your timber decking, wait at least 48 hours prior to laying down furniture on the area. Secondly, purchase protective pads to attach to your furniture legs so that they do not leave any marks on the floor.

For the ladies, it is best to remove your high heeled shoes before stepping on the timber decking as there is a chance that damage will occur from the sharp points on the footwear. Pets with nails or claws that have yet to be clipped are also best kept at a distance from the timber decking.

With regard to cleaning, keep in mind that the cleaner you keep your timber decking, the more outstanding it will look. Surface dirt and grit should be removed by vacuuming the decking on a regular basis. If there is dirt that is particularly stubborn, you may use a damp mop on the area. In addition, purchase a floor cleaner that is pH neutral so as not to wreak damage to the timber decking. Do not experiment with any other type of household products as these may cause the floor to become hazardously slippery, and moreover, scratch the surface of the timber decking which will likely be irrevocable damage.

If any type of liquid spills on your timber decking, wipe it off as soon as possible. Use a dry, soft cloth or a clean paper towel.

When it comes to Gold Coast timber decking services, there is no better company out there that you can trust to do a stellar job on your timber decking apart from the one and only Gold Coast Floor Sanding.

At Gold Coast Floor Sanding, the team understands outdoor decking through and through. While the company does not install timber decking, they do engage in re-sanding and polishing the aforementioned and they do a great job at it.

One mistake that many companies often make is outdoor decking installations that utilize screws instead of nails. And while the nails can be punched down, it is essential that the screws are at least three millimeters deep. Otherwise, they will puncture the sandpaper, tear it, and leave lines all over the floor, which is of course a situation that you do not want to find yourself in.

Finally, did you know that when there is a railing present on your timber decking, it needs to be at least 70mm off of the ground so that the edging machine can get under it to be sanded. These are some very important facts that you need to know. For more information, pay a visit to today.

After Floor Sander Gold Coast Finishes

After Floor Sander Gold Coast finishes their job, your wooden floors will look beautifully polished and gorgeous. You will simply love the big difference in how your home will feel and look like.

Once your wooden floors are restored, you will of course want them to look the way they do for a long time. Timber Floors Gold Coast will have given your floors utmost protection; they will also teach you how to give your floors the right after-sanding care so that your wooden floors continue to look great for a long time to come.

It is always good to remember that although walking on your floors and moving the furniture back is all right after a couple of days, the floors will require a couple of weeks for the finish to cure a hundred percent. Before then, do not drag things across the floors; lay them down gently. Do not wash or clean the floors during this time. Allow sufficient time for the finish to fully set.

Make sure that the legs of furniture do not dent or scratch your floors. Attach cork tiles or inexpensive felt, patterned and cut to fit just right, to the bottoms for protection. Steer clear of plastic-wheeled furniture with the tendency for scratching and marring floors.

Do not get the floors wet. Of course, life happens; there will always be spills or messes you cannot avoid. The important thing is to deal with them right away. Mop and clean up as soon as possible. Do not use rugs in areas likely to get wet; they are likely to soak up water without your notice and compromise the beauty and durability of your floors.

Floor Sander Gold Coast will tell you that wooden floors and moisture are not compatible. The former causes wooden floors to lose their sheen and beauty – and to rot, if left unattended. See to it that your home is well-ventilated. Timber Floors Gold Coast will use protective varnishes to safeguard your floors but you will have to do your part to deal with unusual moisture issues.

Grit and grime tend to scratch and wear off your wooden floors. Avoid this by placing mats strategically on all your exterior doors to lessen the filth that may be brought from the outside. It is useful to use stylish hall runners or small pretty rugs to collect the dirt which may scratch your floor. However, stay away from rubber-backed mats; they tend to seal in moisture that may harm your floors.

Use an electro-static mop or a broom with soft bristles to sweep the floors. Clean regularly, especially areas where foot traffic is heavy. Make sure that you also keep the outside of your home clean to lessen the dirt that makes its way inside. Keep your patio, entryways and garage clean.

Wood floors are subject to lighten or change in color over time. You can minimize this by giving your floors ample protection. Use blinds or curtains to lessen the effects of direct sunlight.

High heels and stiletto shoes are likely to result in scratches or dents on the floors’ surfaces. The best recourse is to request your guests to remove their footwear, making sure to offer them comfortable slippers that they can use inside your home.

Your beloved pets’ claws or long nails can damage your floors, scratching or dulling the floor finish. Groom your pets regularly, trimming their nails so that they remain blunt and unlikely to mar the beauty of your floors.

There is nothing like fine finished floors to give your home a genteel, refined, and luxurious look. Look for a full-service sanding company that has established a firm reputation in the industry for top-quality work. For the finest Floor Sander Gold Coast services, log on to and find out how you can achieve and maintain such a look for your home.

Floor Sanding In Gold Coast Australia

Sanding Takes A Little Patience

One of the great things about wood floors in Gold Coast Australia is that they can be sanded down and refinished like new again. You could hire a professional to do this for you if you wish, but the truth is that there is nothing here that you couldn’t do yourself. Sanding a wood floor just takes a little patience and following a certain procedure to get the results that you want.

Use The Drum Type Of Sander

You actually could sand it all down by hand if you wanted to, but why would you? The absolute best way to go is to use a sanding machine that can be found very easily at tool rental places or hardware stores in Gold Coast AU. Our recommendation is to use the drum type of sander, as this would usually produce the best results. Some people actually use a disk sander instead, but the circular motion can often leave circular marks in the floor that you won’t appreciate later on unless you are very careful.

A Small Power Sander Gets The Corners

The drum sander on the other hand is designed to sand in a straight line so you can work with the grain of the wood planks that make up your floor. The only thing that the drum sander cannot accomplish is to get close to the wall’s edge or around obstacles like a radiator. It can only get within a couple of inches or so because of it’s design. So you will either have to hand sand these areas, or you can use one of the small power sanders that are available at most hardware stores in Gold Coast AU to get in tight in these small areas.

Start With The Heavier Grains First

Now that you have your sander all set and ready to go, make sure that you start out using a course or medium grain sandpaper to get the ball rolling. The purpose of this first pass is to get as much of the old finish off the floor as possible at one time. The way that floor sanding in Gold Coast AU works is you start with the heavier grains first and then with each pass use a finer grain sandpaper to leave a smooth finish at the end that is ready to be covered.

Before you begin floor sanding, go around the room and look for any nail-heads that have popped up or anything in the floor that needs to be removed before the sanding begins. You don’t want to tear up your sandpaper on these kind of obstacles. So make sure that all nails are flush with the surface of the floor before you get started.
With each pass of the room, also use your small sander to catch up the edges and corners of the room and around obstacles where the drum sander cannot get close enough. How many passes are needed to bring your floor down to the point where it can be refinished is hard to say. Most often, two to three passes are all that is needed. However, on badly damaged floors, it may take an extra pass or two to get the job done.

Varnish Remover Takes Off The Old Finish

Another consideration is that you can also use varnish remover to take off a good portion of the old finish before you even begin floor sanding if you like. Varnish remover can be a pain to work with at times though, and so many people just prefer to use the drum sander for the entire job.

As you finish sanding with a fine grain sandpaper, you should be able to see nothing but the beautiful grain of your wood floor in Gold Coast Australia. At that point you have accomplish your goal, and are now ready to refinish the floor and receive compliments on what a great job you have done.

In this article you learned sanding a wood floor in Gold Coast Australia just takes a little patience and it’s recommended to use the drum type of sander. You also learned a small power sander will allow you to get close to walls and edges and start with a heavier grain and with each pass use a finer grain. Lastly, you learned varnish remover will take off a good portion of the old finish.

What You Need To Know About Floor Sanding

Keeping Your Wooden Floors Polished

A home in Gold Coast Australia with wooden floors is always welcoming and cozy. The right wooden floors can make your Gold Coast AU home look exceptional, but you will need to look after these floors properly to ensure that they are in their best condition. A good way to keep your wooden floors well maintained, or to restore wooden floors that are going into shambles, is to sand them down and then seal them with a good varnish that can be polished regularly.

Open All The Windows

Firstly you need to remove all the furniture from the room in your Gold Coast Australia home, or area that you are going to be sanding. Most floor sanding tools feature an efficient dust pick-up, but it is most likely that some dust will escape during the course of your sanding. In order to ensure good ventilation you must ensure that all the windows are open.

All tacks, staples and other unwanted fixings must be removed from the floor, we do that for you. Failure to do so will result in damage to the abrasive paper and sanding drum of your floor sander. If there are any nails protruding, they must be punched below the surface of the floor using a suitable nail punch and hammer.

Any loose boards or block must firmly fixed into place, and any heavy wax, grease or dirt deposits on the floor must be removed by hand. After doing this the floor must be vacuumed and swept thoroughly to remove any dirt and discarded fixings.

Be Sure The Sander Is Moving When In Operation

Floor sanders are powerful machines that you can rent at any hardware store in Gold Coast Australia. Always ensure that you have a firm grip before you switch it on. To prevent damage to the floor surface, always ensure that the sander is moving when in operation and that the sanding drum is in contact with the floor.

Never lift the back of the machine whilst sanding and never apply pressure to try and increase the rate of sanding. It is important to be patient and to guide the sander gently, never dwelling in one place but moving steadily at all times.

The Grain Of The Wood Runs In Many Directions

The floor must be installed in the direction of the main source of natural light in the room. If there is no source of natural light, install in the direction of the longest side of the room. If the room is square, sand in the direction that the furniture is laid out. This technique will help mask any imperfections in the floor.

Gold Coast Floor Sanding Prevent Sanding Marks

The Bulk And Weight Of The Sander Are The Major Culprits Of Chatter Marks

When using a Gold Coast Australia floor sander, perhaps the greatest danger is that you will leave the imprint or marks from the sander all over your floor. The bulk and weight of this machine are the major culprits with this particular problem. It is nearly impossible for the amateur to manage this task without leaving some kind of mark; even professionals have some degree of difficulty preventing any and all marks from their sanders. These marks are often referred to as ‘chatter marks’.

The Floor Stained Will Require Different Sanding

While it isn’t easy to prevent these marks, taking the following precautions before sanding the floor can go a long way towards preventing these problematic chatter marks. First of all, if the floor is already stained it will require different sanding procedures than a floor that is unfinished. Applying a blonde finish (a finish directly to the wood) doesn’t require quite the intensive sanding that staining wood will require. It is highly recommended that if you plan to stain your wood floors you seek the services of a Gold Coast Australia professional for the sanding.

A Professional Will Get The Job Done

You should also consider the virtues of a professional Gold Coast Australia floor refinisher is the home you are working on has really old floors. One of those reasons being that it is hard for the novice floor sander to identify exactly which type of equipment would be best suited to the job where a professional would know this information and avoid potential damage to your floor by selecting the wrong sander. If you choose a sander that is too powerful for your floors, you could very well end up with holes in your floors and a need for a new floor rather than simply refinishing the floor.

Hiring A Professional Could Save You Money

Another good reason to hire a Gold Coast AU professional when it comes to sanding your hardwood floors is that professional grade floor sanders are not exactly inexpensive and most people can’t just go out and rent them. Professionals mock even those rental units that are referred to as professional grade by the rental companies as ‘toy sanders’. They simply lack the weight and power to accomplish the job at hand in any reasonable time frame. These sanders are also quite rough on the back, wrists, neck, and nerves. Trying a job of this proportion without the proper tools is simply put, a bad idea.

You might be amazed at the fact that you can quite possibly hire a Gold Coast AU professional the first time around and save money on the project by having things done right the first time. However, if your purpose is to simply refinish a small area (less than 600 square feet) rather than an entire home, you may find it worth it to rent a floor sander and do the work yourself.