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Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast Services

Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast Services

If you’ve been looking to refinish timber floors in the Gold Coast community, you want to make sure that you are reaching out to the professionals at Fine Finished Floors to assist you every step of the way.

Providing services such as timber floor Sanding, floating floor installation, floor polishing and refinishing, parquet floor installation, hardwood and timber inlay designs, and custom timber flooring work, Fine Finished Floors has been serving the Gold Coast community years and has built up a sterling silver reputation for high quality services at affordable prices.

On top of that, Floor Sanding Gold Coast takes advantage only of the highest quality materials to be used in

Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast these kinds of projects. You won’t ever have to worry about any material other than the very best hardwoods being used throughout your flooring project, and you won’t have to worry any toxic chemicals being used in the restoration, repair, or refinishing of your floors either.

Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast experienced technical professionals have all the tools and work history they need to provide quality repairs, refinish solutions, and restorations while using non-toxic water-based polyurethane solutions, oil modified urethanes, moisture cured urethane varnishes, as well as penetrating stains and waxes to give your floor the exact look and finish you are after.

Upon calling Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast (at this number – 0401 094 013) you will have an opportunity to speak directly with some of their in-house office professionals. These experts will gather as much information about your timber flooring project as possible, while offering you as much friendly advice as many concrete answers as humanly possible.

Understanding that this project can be a pretty significant undertaking, while recognizing at the same time that it has the potential to completely transform your home almost immediately, you won’t have anything to worry about when you choose to move forward with the experts at Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast.

Best of all, Fine Finished Floors will send out professional technicians to your home to have a look at the timber flooring project you are looking to have repaired, restored, or completely refinished. This is going to be done to provide you with a concrete free quote and estimate so that you know exactly what you are looking at when it comes time to invest in this kind of work, with no surprise charges or hidden fees assessed at the completion of the project.

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about everything that Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast brings to the table, simply contact them at your earliest convenience. Their helpful staff will be more than ready to assist you in any and every way that they can, and they will also be happy to provide you with testimonials, case studies, and referrals from past clients that have had this kind of work taken care of in the past so that you can reach out to them for more “inside information”.

Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast Contact

At the end of the day, the floors that you have throughout your home are so much more than just a surface designed to help get you from one place to another. They add a lot of visual character and atmosphere to your interior spaces, and if you want to make sure that they look better than brand-new and are protected from daily wear and tear, Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast has you covered.


Flooring Gold Coast – Benefits of Gold Coast Flooring

Are you currently looking to purchase a Gold Coast home that is a fixer-upper? Or are you planning on remodeling your current Gold Coast house? Perhaps you are thinking of constructing your Gold Coast dream house from scratch. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are already know that you must take a number of critical home improvement elements into consideration. These include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

The structure of the premises
The condition of the roof
The flooring – Your flooring Gold Coast needs
Cosmetic elements such as the paint on the walls
All of the above is equally important ingredients for an exceptional Gold Coast home; however this article will examine your flooring Gold Coast options.

Types of flooring Gold Coast

There are a number of flooring Gold Coast options that you can utilize to transform the current flooring (or lack thereof) in your home from unsightly to impressive. Here is a list of some of your flooring Gold Coast solutions.

Flooring Gold Coast Solution One – Pre-finished flooring

This can be done in 2 ways:
First you can glue down the tongue and lay the timber on an underlay which is on concrete. This technique makes a drum-like sound when you walk on it.
The second option is to glue the board directly to the floor. Both options are great flooring Gold Coast solutions for your home. This technique; however, will make a more solid sound whenever it is walked on.

In the second option the timber that is used for direct stick method is known as an “overlay”. An overlay is generally 10, 13 or 13 mill thick; which is glued directly onto the concrete. The timber for the first option is typically 19 mill thick; the installation company will lay the timber onto the ply wood or chip board by using secret nailing technique or top nailing. The secret nailing technique is done by placing the nails in the side of the board and then into the ply. Using this technique hides the nails so that it is hidden.

Flooring Gold Coast Solution Two – Board Replacement

If your home currently has existing flooring that is in good shape then consider board replacement instead of the installation of all new flooring. For instance if you have boards that have been damaged by water, then instead of replacing the entire flooring system, you simply replace the damaged boards.

We will also supply and install the ply or chip board onto the concrete as a cub floor for a timber floor that will be laid onto it.

Additional flooring Gold Coast solutions that we are able to provide will include:

The supply and installation of bamboo flooring
The supply and installation of cork tiles
The supply and installation of laminate flooring
The supply and installation of parquetry flooring

The main benefit of utilizing any of the above mentioned flooring Gold Coast solutions will significantly add value to your property. Not to mention that you will be left with gorgeous floors that will last a long time.

Floor Sanding Tips On Floor Sanding

Know About The Machinery You Will Need

A bit like cutting grass, you will need two different sanders to complete the floor sanding in Gold Coast Australia. One is for the main areas and the other for around the edges. Don’t be tempted to cut costs by hiring a machine that is not top of the range, as more than likely if you do you will end up with dust everywhere. The top of the range floor sanding machines have an integral dust collection unit so are virtually dust free.

As you will need to change sandpaper frequently opt for a belt type sander rather than the drum roller type, as these are easier to manage. If you are not going DIY make sure you ask prospective floor sanding companies in Gold Coast Australia about their machinery, products and processes. If going the DIY route be aware that one of the most common mistakes is to stay too long in one place with the machine, be fluid when using the sanding machine.

Which Types Of Wood Need Special Consideration

Pine gives the appearance of being deceptively flat which means that without the correct equipment you will end up with a dip in the middle of each floor board. Parquet will require a special sander machine that can be rented at a hardware store in Gold Coast AU.

Use Disposable Masks

Make sure you have disposable face masks from a hardware store in Gold Coast Australia. Check for pieces of floor boards which have nail heads sticking up as these need to be punched down to about 1/8 of an inch below the floor boards. This can be done using a nail punch. If this is not done properly the sandpaper will get torn.
Any gaps need to be filled before starting also which can be done with a resin filer mixed with wood dust. There are a minimum of 4 types of sandpaper necessary for the job, and some floor sanding professionals may use up to 7. The 4 are 24 grit: very coarse sandpaper, 40 grit: medium sandpaper, 80 grit: medium – fine sandpaper and 120 grit: fine sandpaper.

Don’t Stay In One Spot For To Long

Using the 24 grit sandpaper first, get the feel for the machine, remembering that the last thing you want to do is hang around in one spot for too long. Always sand with the grain and not against it. Move fluidly around the floor, always in the direction of the grain. Turning at edges of the room should be done calmly, keeping the movement continuous.

When you see that you are down to the new wood, then you will want to use the edge sander now for skirting boards and other parts that you couldn’t reach with the main machine. Change and repeat the process now with the 40 grit, 80 grit, and then again with the 120 grit. Then you need to hoover the floor completely and leave for a few hours, before repeating floor sanding.

Gold Coast Floor Sanding Common Floor Sanding Questions

How Many Times Can The Floor Be Sanded

There is no definitive answer to this question, because it depends on so many variables: the reason for sanding; is there a deep gouge we are taking out, the person who does the sanding; how hard are they pressing and many other things can affect it.

However, the main guide for how many times a floor can be sanded is the thickness of the wood above the top of the groove (as in tongue and groove), floors of 18mm thickness are thought to stand up to 3 sandings, and based on that we can judge that floors of 24mm can take 4 sandings, floors of 12mm thick can take 2 and so on.

Can Engineered Flooring Be Sanded

In a word: Yes! For those that don’t know, engineered flooring is a surface layer of solid wood, with engineered ply below. Engineered flooring in Gold Coast Australia has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, and the top engineered brands now have a surface (solid-wood) layer of up to a quarter inch thick. Those who paid attention above will know that this means it will stand up to one sanding (presuming there are no deep gouges etc). One doesn’t sound like a lot, but given that engineered flooring is a fraction of the cost of solid wood flooring, and that a wood floor can last over 10 years without needing to be sanded (if properly cared for) this makes engineered flooring fantastic value for money.

Sand Paper Grade
Put simply: all of them. You start off with the roughest grade (36), sand the floor, come down to the next roughest grade (60), sand the floor again and carry on till you get to the finest grade of sand paper (100).

Sand Your Floor By Hand

In a word: Yes! But sanding an entire Gold Coast AU floor FOUR times is a lengthy process, the entire length of which you will be on your hands and knees with a bent back, as you can imagine this puts an incredible strain on your back and is not for the faint hearted (not meant literally). It is also difficult to get an even finish.